Property for sale in the Seventy-First High School District

Seventy-First High School

is blessed with a great deal of diversity among students and staff, serving a large percentage of military-connected students. Students are allowed the opportunity to learn, grow, and appreciate each other as well as prepare for our diverse society. Academically, our school has shown growth for the past five years.

The Arts Education Academy is housed at Seventy-First. Students have the opportunity to take courses not offered elsewhere in the county. Our facility includes a state of the art dance studio, music rehearsal halls, visual arts classrooms, and a newly refurbished auditorium. We have a computer lab that is dedicated solely to the arts.

There are organizations in academics, the arts, and community service clubs available, and a very strong athletic program.  Over 30 different athletic programs are available. The men and women’s basketball teams, as well as the wrestling team, are traditionally ranked among the best in the conference and the state.

To better serve our ninth-grade students, we now house our own Freshmen Academy that is designed to help our students be more successful as they transition from the middle school to the high school. Most freshmen classes are held on one floor of our building. Teachers work together in both their subject area and across the curriculum. We want our freshmen to develop the habits and skills that will allow them to be academically successful as well as develop positive relationships among students and staff.